Sustainable Saratoga works hard on many fronts with wide-ranging impact


Sustainable Saratoga promotes sustainable practices and the protection of natural resources for the benefit of current and future generations. Our work is focused in four project areas:

  • Climate & Energy 
    • Developing renewable energy sources, improving energy efficiency, reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Housing & Urban Planning
    •  Advocating for “smart” development to realize Saratoga’s “City in the Country” vision
  • Urban Forestry Project
    •  Inspiring teamwork and partnerships to expand and preserve Saratoga’s urban forest
  • Zero Waste
    • Conserving resources, keeping “trash” out of landfills

Sustainable Saratoga was busy in 2017. The following links provide a snapshot of achievements as well as an overview of how the organization engages with the community.

2017 Highlights
Sustainable Saratoga Overview

Please visit the News/Events and Who We Are sections of our website to learn more. Thank you for your interest in Sustainable Saratoga!

Tree Toga 7
Photo credit: David Aimone

Saratoga Recycles Day!
Photo Credit: Camera Famosa Photography